Kingstone Gold Fine Ale Bottles 4%


Kingstone Gold Fine Ale Bottles 4%

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500ml bottles: Since Roman times Welsh gold has been highly prized owing to its scarcity, and has long enjoyed royal patronage. It has been mined in two locations: in the Snowdonia area of north Wales, and towards the south in the river Cothi valley. Rich seams yield far more gold per tonne than even the world’s largest mines. Welsh gold, when extracted, often has a reddish tint owing to its copper content. During refining, the gold is purified to the rich yellow colour that you will find in our ale.

What began as a seasonal ale has blossomed into a true all-rounder. A straw-coloured, smooth ale with citrus notes and a lovely balanced hoppy finish. The secret is the combination of Fuggles and First Gold hops and an unusual blend of barley and wheat malts. Its resulting refreshingly bitter character is enhanced by serving chilled. It is the perfect partner for a barbeque or spicy food (sunshine optional…)