1503 Tudor Ale Bottles 4.8%


1503 Tudor Ale Bottles 4.8%



500ml bottles: 1503. Nostradamus was born in 1503, Da Vinci started the Mona Lisa, and brewing history was made.

Scribblings discovered in Richard Arnold’s journal have long been accepted as the first chronicled use of hops to flavour beer. We found that his recipe, once deciphered, was sadly bereft of instruction, but having employing the brewing methods of the time we think we could have stumbled upon the taste of Tudor England.

Markedly different from modern beers, 1503 is deep chestnut red, lightly hopped, yet full of chocolate, coffee and malt complexities. Whilst it is thoroughly enjoyable drunk unaccompanied, keen cooks will appreciate its dark and treacly richness in a hearty beef stew, or celebratory fruit cake.